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The Irish Draught Horse

"A horse of the Irish country-side, the Irish Draught lived in close quarters with the farming family, and served as a versatile horse. The Irish Draught would work the farm during the week, pull a trap in style to church on Sunday and yet be fast, reliable and athletic enough to take his farmer hunting on Saturday"

"The Irish Draught has an incredibe temperament. Extremely people orientated, is intelligent, willing and brave"

The Irish Draught Horse is a native horse of Ireland, and is a rare breed in the world today.
The Irish Draught is not a heavy horse as its name would imply.

Over a century of selection has produced a warmblooded breed with good bone, substance and quality and a movement that is light, smooth and free, without exaggeration; nor heavy or ponderous.

Standing over a lot of ground, the Draught has an exceptionally strong constitution, great stamina and an uncanny jumping ability. In addition, this breed possesses a fabulous temperament made up of willingness, intelligence, docility and common sense.

Not only is the Irish Draught a perfect companion for riders of all ages, but it possesses the ability and versatility to participate at various levels of jumping, eventing, hunting, dressage and driving events. A complete package in its purest form, the Irish Draught must also be acknowledged for its potent and unparalleled contribution in the creation of the magical cross; the Irish (Draught) Sport Horse.

The even temperament, durability and power of the Irish Draught, mixed with speed and athleticism of the Thoroughbred, creates potent mix which is well up to the demands of modern day competition.

World famous for its jumping and cross-country ability, this Irish Draught/TB cross is not only a top calibre international athlete, but can serve as a perfect novice mount, adeptly boosting the confidence of a lower level rider.

For more information on the Irish Draught horse and its arrival into New Zealand, head over to the Irish Draught Horse Society of New Zealand's website as listed below.

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