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Progeny x Warmblood

One of the most popular crosses at the moment is Ballineen Blue Mountain with Warmblood mares.

We have some absolutely fabulous European bloodlines here in New Zealand, many of which are producing horses to Olympic levels in Dressage and  Show Jumping.

Breeding to these lovely Warmblood stallions has been very popular over the past years and we have an abundance of talented youngsters bred in our Country. The problem is, that we don't have an abundance of riders who have the ability and resources available to them to compete at that Olympic level.

Therefore, there is a huge number of fabulous Warmblood mares available to breed from and their owners in a lot of cases are lacking in time (we are all much busier these days) and they are wanting to breed a youngster that they can enjoy without adding too much stress to their lives.

Ballineen Blue Mountain is the ideal choice of sire and he is proving to give these breeders exactly what they are after... A young horse that retains the undeniable flashy, flamboyant movement of the Warmblood but the temperament, trainabilty and soundness that comes with the Irish.

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