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Progeny x Thoroughbred

The Irish Draught crossed with the Thoroughbred has always been known as the 'Traditional Irish Sport Horse'

Many of the Worlds top eventing horses have come from this cross and the Irish Sport Horse Studbook has topped the World eventing rankings for some 25 years!

It is widely known that New Zealand produces many of the World's best Thoroughbreds. This gives us a fabulous pool of mares that we can produce our Traditional Irish Sport Horses from.

Breeders of event horses Worldwide are coming back to using the Irish Draughts in their breeding programmes as the importance of having a sane and trainable temperament to produce a good dressage score on Day 1 has become more valuable.

The Irish Draught has proven to be bold and athletic and has the ability to find that all important '5th leg' accross country!

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